BOHO Fit Classes

Body - 45 Minutes

Our Signature HIIT workout; three fast-paced circuits, three rounds in each circuit, using free weights, TRX, or even your own body to build strength and endurance. Each circuit has five different exercises. Round one: you’ll complete each exercise for 60 seconds. Round two: same exercises. 40 seconds. Round three: Same exercises—in just 20 seconds. Then, The Finisher - our final 2 minute, high-energy drill to end class and bring the sweat. BOHO Fit Studio targets muscles—all of your muscles. But don’t worry, you will get plenty of cardio. And sweat too! 


(High Intensity, Low Impact Training) This class offers all of the strength and intensity of our Body & Power classes with none of the impact. You'll use light weights, bands, and your own body weight to tone muscles and increase the heart rate. Each class consists of a 10 minute strengthening circuit followed by 5 a minute high intensity, low impact cardio interval. We round it out with 2 minutes of dynamic stretching and do it all again! If your inner athlete craves intensity, but burpees and squat jumps make your joints cringe, this class is for you! 

Shoes off, mats out! This class takes place in the yoga room. You will not need shoes, but we do ask that you bring or rent a yoga mat. 


Our TRX class offers four high-energy circuits: two using only the TRX bands, and two using free weights and body weight. Each exercise in the circuit will be performed for time so you are in complete control of the pace of your class. Round one: you’ll complete each exercise for 60 seconds. Round two: same exercises. 40 seconds. Then finish fast in round three: Same exercises—in just 20 seconds. With the use of TRX bands, this class provides unique core training while giving you a full body strength and cardio workout.


It's your favorite Body class with a twist, more strength! This class offers three circuits with two rounds in each circuit, focusing on building more strength with heavier weight and minimal cardio. Round one; you'll complete each exercise for 45 seconds with 15 second break in between all five exercises. Repeat for circuits two and three. Your final sweat with a 2 minute finisher! Strength offers the use of heavier weights, more controlled movements. 


Expect increased paced and intensity between postures with intention. Diver deeper into your favorite poses as you strengthen and lengthen your muscles. By connecting breath to movement this class will get your heart rate up and create heat in the body.

*This class is for all levels. Low Intensity.

Strength & Flow

Our signature Strength + Flow format turned up! This 45 minute circuit based class combines strength training, using bodyweight and light resistance exercises, with a yoga flow that will challenge and counterbalance. Complete your first 6 minute strength circuit and move into 10 minutes of yoga. Repeat, ending with a 15 minute yoga flow. This class will get your heart rate up and build your strength as well as stretch your muscles. 


Burn is a dynamic blend of full range and short range of motion exercise designed to strengthen our smaller muscles. You move through three, twelve-minute, circuits each consisting of lower body, upper body and core exercises. Burn offers exercises done on repeat to feel the burn. Burn may include light weights, Pilates ball, slides and more provide the next level of intensity. This is a low impact, low intensity class.

Outdoor Classes

Our outdoor fit classes are held at the Battery Park Tennis Courts. All classes are based on Mother Nature. Any weather related cancellations will be made 1 hour prior to the start of class.  


BOHO offers a variety of prenatal fitness classes; yoga, strength and cardio. These class cater to all levels of fitness to keep you moving during pregnancy. Classes are held via In-Studio, Zoom and On Demand.