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We will be opening our studio doors for indoor classes very soon.


However this will be a slow process that we monitor week-by-week.


Please see the below policies for taking indoor classes and check our schedule in the upcoming weeks for sign ups. 


Indoor Cycle Studio & Fit Studio Classes

  • All classes are capped at 8 people or less for BOHO Cycle & Fit Studio classes.

  • Please wear a mask while in studio until class starts.

  • Bring your own towel and/or yoga mat. Towels available upon request only.

  • We will not offer lavender towels for the immediate future.

  • Our team will provide riders with bike set up using verbal instruction only.  

  • Our Cycle studio team will bring your weight selection to your bike. 

  • Please respect personal space and stand 6 feet or more away from other clients and BOHO staff.

  • Please stay in your designated spot (bike, step deck, or yoga mat) for the duration of the class. 

  • We have removed all toiletries which are not pre-packaged.

  • We will have a slightly altered class schedule at both BOHO Studios locations. Please check the schedule for changes each week.

  • We will implement enhanced cleaning processes after each class. 

  • We will enforce our 4 hour prior cancellation policy. If you are feeling sick or showing symptoms, please call us immediately and we will waive the cancellation policy; however you will not be allowed to take class for at least 14 days after notifying us.

  • Our 5 minute waitlist policy applies as well. If you are on the waitlist, please wait outside the studio until 5 minutes before class and then you may come inside to check-in. If a client has not arrived for class, we will allow you to take their place.

  • If you have rented a bike from BOHO, we ask you not to attend onsite cycle classes as to accommodate those who do not have a bike available.

Live Stream classes will remain with a slightly altered schedule.

On Demand Cycle & Fit classes will continued to be offered for the immediate future.

Outdoor Fit classes (15 people or less) and Outdoor Cycle classes (7 people or less)

will still take place, weather permitting.

Please check the schedule to see whether the class is indoor or outdoor.  


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