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BOHO Kids Camp is an exciting and engaging experience for kids!

Physical activity and exercise are essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and introducing children to various fitness formats at a young age can help establish good habits that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Campers will explore:


✨ Stretching

✨ Resistance Bands

✨ Body Weight Movements

✨ Games!

BOHO Kids Camp is a fun way to get kids moving and active while encouraging social interaction and teamwork.

Fit Studio | June 12th - 15th


Quad Studio | June 19 - 22nd

Single Day | June 16th or 23rd

1:00pm - 3:00pm

$170 per child/per camp

$40 single day*

*Available on June 16th or June 23rd only!

Upon booking select preferred Camp

and BOHO Studio location.

Camp Details:

  • All sessions will be held at the respective BOHO location or at adjoining park. Location specifics will be confirmed the week prior.

  • BOHO will not be utilizing any dumbbells, weighted equipment, cardio equipment, or other machines not applicable to children ages 5-7 years old.

  • Food and Beverages not provided. All BOHO Studios locations offer water fountains.

  • Closed toe shoes applicable to running, jumping, and movement required. Any attire related to warm summer days.

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