BOHO Cycle Studio is on the lookout for new talent to grow our staff!

Do you… Love fitness and healthy living?  Want to help others look and feel their best?  

Get excited about heart-pounding, mind-blowing, soul-grooving cycling classes? 

Then join us for the ride of your life!

BOHO's Private Training Program:

BOHO offers private sessions that’ll get you ready to join our team! 

Private training is perfect for fitness lovers who are new to teaching indoor cycling and group fitness, riders ready to go pro or those who really want to master those tapbacks, and seasoned instructors from other programs.

Our private sessions are open to anyone and available outside of our 6-week customized program. 

One-hour sessions occur outside the normal class schedules at our studio, arranged at your convenience. Here, we’ll assess your existing skills, provide one-on-one personalized training,  track your progress to determine how many sessions you’ll need before joining our team. 

Training topics include: 

  • Safety and form

  • Technique 

  • Music and playlist building

  • Cuing and communication 

  • Troubleshooting during class

  • Instructor personality

  • Social media and promotions

*CPR and indoor cycle certifications aren’t required for private sessions. However, if we hire you at BOHO, you’ll have three months to obtain these certifications on your own. 

For more info, pricing, and appointments,

email us at