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AnnMarie ran her first 10k in college, and came in dead last, behind a team of 8 people carrying a Santa sleigh. Ever since then, she has challenged herself to do better, do more – and always strive for one goal: wellness. Oh, and, to never again be bested by a gaggle of people carrying a large prop.

AnnMarie’s journey to wellness and fitness has taken her many places – from her home state of Nebraska, to Chicago, where she learned to appreciate the outdoors when she could; then to D.C.  where she discovered the limits of, and ways to challenge, her body. Finally, she landed in Richmond where she learned the effect that food could have on her overall health. 


It all ultimately drove her to open BOHO Studios a group of fitness studios nestled in a few of RVA’s most amazing neighborhoods, Museum District, Brookland Park and Forest Hill. BOHO Studios focuses on cycle, HIIT, personal training, yoga and nutrition coaching. Today, AnnMarie continues to explore her commitment to wellness, keenly aware that wellness isn’t a fraction of life: it’s the whole of it.


“The most important thing is fun,” she says. “You’ve got to have fun - and know what does your body good: whether that’s a run, a salad, yoga, reading a book, or knowing what clothes look good on your body.”




Julia learned to swim before she could walk. She helped coach a Special Olympics swim team and this sparked her love for helping people achieve goals they didn't know they were capable of. Being active helps Julia stay grounded and keep a level head when the world has so much happening.


You can find Julia teaching at the Fit and Quad Studios as well as running one-on-one personal training. She wants everyone to be active! When she is not mic'd up at BOHO you can find Julia perfecting her baking skills - Ummm she makes wedding cakes! And has often brought fresh baked cookies for a little post-class snack.




Hannah's passion for movement began with dance and then moved her way to crew team. When health issues arrived later in life she realized the benefit of fitness to help overcome them. She is truly in awe of the human body and all it's capabilities and enjoys challenging herself with movement.


Hannah moved to Richmond from NOVA and instantly fell in love with the culture of the city. She spends her time outside of the studio exploring Richmond's art and food scene and exploring her Forest Hill neighborhood and the James River. And... she was born in Spain, has dual citizenship, is bilingual and one day will take us all on a trip to Spain!




Linnea rolled into Richmond, VA in 2014 and stumbled upon BOHO Studios in a twist we can only thank fate for. It’s as though Linnea & BOHO Studios knew they were meant to be. She is our go-to when we need an extra head in the fitness game to develop our next big idea, the first person we call when that big thing comes up and we need a set of eyes, ideas, or hands to bring it to fruition.


When Linnea’s not brainstorming with the team you can find her strolling the streets of Church Hill with her fam, crushing it at CrossFit, or taste-testing for the world’s best tortilla chip.




Tarole's journey to fitness began while training for her first half marathon during her time living in Hawaii. Her interests lead her to personal training, yoga and indoor cycling. She quickly found her love of coaching, music, sweat, and people! Tarole brings her passion and energy for fitness to all things BOHO. She may be teaching classes, training new instructors, brainstorming theme classes and fun BOHO events, or simply saying, hi, when you walk in the door. No matter the day, her excitement for clients feeling strong, accomplished, and motivated shines through. 

Outside of the walls of BOHO Cycle, Tarole is leading yoga/HIIT classes, spending time at the beach, snuggling with her cats Luna + Neville and loving all things Richmond.




As a former Division I athlete, player, and strength coach, Kayla understands and respects the adversity of all fitness levels. Her main passion is to impact clients both mentally and physically. "I want each of them to feel valued and educated when they leave each class!" Kayla brings her love of people, music and fitness to every class.

You can find Kayla teaching at the Quad and Fit Studios. When not decked out in BOHO gear, she is coaching Women's Field Hockey at Virginia Commonwealth University. During her free time, you can find her walking her dog, Ivan, rock climbing, and exploring all trails and events in RVA!




Aaliyah is a Richmond native, born and raised. A graduate of James Madison University, she has always had a heart for storytelling and giving back to her community. After spending some time away at college, Aaliyah is excited to be back in Richmond and serve her city in new ways.

Aaliyah started attending BOHO soon after the pandemic hit as a way to merge her love for fitness and community. She fell in love with BOHO and soon began using her skills in communications to help in any way she could. When an opportunity arose to help with digital media, she jumped at the chance to share the stories of BOHO and its members with the world.

She is the founder of Aaliyah Creatives, LLC, a communications and interior design agency, where she hopes to serve minority businesses that are just starting out. Outside of BOHO, you can find her spending time with her family or her dog Gunner, being outside in some way, or out at a local restaurant or coffee shop.


We can’t end Aaliyah’s bio without saying, be sure to follow @BOHO_Studios on social media!




The woman behind the camera at BOHO Studios, Caroline waltzed into BOHO Cycle Studio in Richmond VA, back in 2015 looking for some part-time fun. Little did she know it would turn into full-time, beyond fun, and a whole lot of pictures. She is a professional photographer and we are often amazed watching her work.


When she’s not capturing the smiles of Team BOHO or making the BOHO Studios brand come to life, she’s snapping photos of models all over the USA. She’s devoted to her craft, but once her work is done, you can be sure she’s snuggled up with her two adorable Italian Greyhound rescues. 

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