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January 11 - February 22


Admit It: Your motivation spikes whenever you’re challenged. Our 6-week program is designed to get you some serious results. You will build strength, gain endurance and sweat buckets.

A Stronger You in 6 weeks:

A virtual program designed to build strength, gain endurance and sweat buckets.


A Stronger You is perfect for any fitness level – our program offers step by step workout On Demand videos, tips, tricks and bonus workouts! 


It's all about you: Workout on your own time. Use the weights you need. Challenge yourself to do more.

Track Your Results: Repeating workouts allow easy tracking to watch your strength build.

Challenge kicks off January 11th!

Sign Up by January 10th by clicking here and purchasing the A Stronger You package.

Custom tracking card and MORE sent right to your inbox on January 10th.



  • Rent BOHO weight set (5lb, 10lb, 15lb and 2lb ankle weights) for $15.

  • Pick up or porch drop-off. Limited quantiles.

  • Email to confirm.


local fitness studios

  1. BOHO Studios

  2. Turn Cardio Jam Studio

  3. TreadHappy

  4. Niche Pilates Studio

  5. Yoga Dojo

  6. X-Team Fitness

  7. City Barre

  8. Humble Haven Yoga

  9. The Hot Yoga Barre

  10. Baker United Fitness

  11. River City Fitness

  12. Shockoe Bottom Crossfit

  13. RVA Crossfit

  14. Fighting Gravity Fitness

  15. Endporphasm

  16. Pure Phit

  17. ReDefine RVA

  18. BarReVA

  19. The Weight Room

  20. BareSOUL Yoga

  21. Hour Cycle Studio

  22. Island Yoga Fitness

  23. WellFit Richmond

  24. 3S Yoga

  25. Vintage Boxing

  26. Cherry Picking Boxing

  27. Tru North Yoga

  28. Richmond Balance

  29. Mindfulness Bar

  30. Balance Pilates

  31. Lunge Yoga

  32. Kinetix Performance Training

  33. Onward Fitness

  34. Elevate Fitness

  35. Body By Maria

  36. Maiden Motion

  37. Hot Yoga Richmond


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