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Asheville, North Carolina Retreat
October 12th – 16th

The ultimate fitness weekend in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. If you are looking for a unique and exhilarating way to jumpstart or spice up your fitness journey, look no further than our October Fitness Retreat.


Surrounded by stunning natural beauty, you’ll experience the perfect balance of challenging workouts, relaxation, and fun activities that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or just starting your wellness journey, our retreat will connect you with like-minded people and wellness professionals to help you reach your goals and achieve the healthy lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. 

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Retreat Experience

Our daily fitness class schedule will offer mountain hiking, strength building, yoga, mobility, HIIT, and more. You plan your fitness and attend as many or as few of the workouts offered.


  • Ten Fitness Classes

  • Nutrition Workshop

  • Strength Workshop

  • Add-On Services:

    • Reiki Session

    • Personal Nutrition Consultation

    • Private One-on-One Training

    • And more to come! 

  • City of Asheville (10-minute drive)

    • Nightlife! 

    • Restaurants/Bars

    • Breweries and Bands 

  • When should I arrive?
    Arrive to BOHO 15 minutes prior to class start time. We want to get you sized for shoes and set up on the bike for cycle class! Our classes start on time. Riders will not be allowed into the studio once the doors have closed and class has started. Clients need to check in at least 5 minutes before the start of class. At 5 minutes before, all open bikes are released to waitlisters first, then walk-ins. Check out our parking options before arriving and plan accordingly.
  • Where should I park?
    Museum District: There is ample street parking on Sheppard St., Park Ave., Monument Ave., and Patterson Ave. There is a parking lot around the back of BOHO (entrance off Park Ave.). This lot is shared with the businesses along Sheppard St. and it is first come first serve. (*BOHO does not own or monitor this parking lot. Please be courteous to other residents and businesses when parking.) Brookland Park: Ample street parking on Brookland Park Blvd., Hanes Ave., and surrounding streets.​There is no parking lot available.
  • What do I bring?
    All you need to bring to fit and cycle class is your water bottle and your can-do attitude – we’ll provide the towel. For yoga class, please bring your own yoga mat. But seriously, bring your water bottle! Hydration is key to an amazing workout, and BOHO has 2-tiered water fountains in all locations. They’re just waiting to fill your bottle. Don’t leave ‘em hanging. All other items must be stored in cubbies and not left on the studio floor. Anything left on the floor will be moved by Team BOHO into a cubby.
  • What about cycle shoes?
    We clip into the pedals at BOHO, regular gym shoes will not work on our bikes. You receive your first shoe rental FREE – woot woot! After that shoe rental is $2 each time. Our pedals accommodate SPD clips or triple link.
  • What should I wear?
    Anything comfortable that you like to wear to work out. It’s best to avoid loose clothing, as it could get caught in the bike. It’ll get really warm in there, and you will certainly sweat. We do require all riders to wear clip-in cycling shoes, these are free for your first class and $2 rental after that, or you can bring your own.
  • What is the vibe at BOHO?
    Fun and sweaty, mostly. Our instructors ride right along with you and give you both instruction and encouragement along the way. The class is what you make of it, if you need a breather - take it! Trust us, no one will even notice. The resistance is all yours. This is your class. We turn up the music and get lost in the sweat.
  • What we are doing:
    -Reduced capacity in-studio to less than half occupancy, and maintaining extra distance between people. -Enhanced two-step cleaning process of all equipment after every class. -No sharing of any previously used hand weights. -Removal of towels from equipment and after class, to reduce the number of touch points. -Removal of toiletries which are not pre-packaged. -Masks required until the start of class. -Required use of hand sanitizer upon entering the studio for clients and staff. -Temperature checks upon check in. Any client or employee with a temperature of 100.4 or higher cannot attend or teach class. -Required completion of Health Questionnaire via QR code prior to attending class.
  • What you can do:
    -Arrive in time to complete Health Questionnaire and complete before entering space for class. -Use hand sanitizer upon arriving at check in. -Wear a mask at all times, outside of designated class time. -Bring your own towel. -Respect personal space and stand 6’ or more away from other clients and staff. -Please stay in your designated spot (bike, step deck, yoga mat) for the duration of class.
  • Covid-19 Testing
    -In the event you test positive for Covid-19 and have been at either BOHO Studio please email us at to make us aware. -In the event another client or employee tests positive and you may have had close contact (attended the same class OR in the building), BOHO will reach out to you directly and make you aware. -If you are awaiting test results, we ask you not attend in person classes until you have received negative results. -If you have tested positive – you will not be able to attend BOHO classes for 14 days. -Please follow all instructions from your medical provider. -BOHO will make accommodations for any class packages or memberships. Please reach out via email at
  • Museum District Parking
    There is ample street parking on Sheppard St., Park Ave., Monument Ave., and Patterson Ave. There is a parking lot around the back of BOHO (entrance off Park Ave.). This lot is shared with the businesses along Sheppard St. and it is first come first serve. (*BOHO does not own or monitor this parking lot. Please be courteous to other residents and businesses when parking.)
  • Brookland Park Parking
    Ample street parking on Brookland Park Blvd., Hanes Ave., and surrounding streets. There is no parking lot available.
  • Sign Up For Class
    Log in online at Mind your location! Select Museum District (MD) or Brookland Park (BP) from the drop menu to narrow your selection. Pick a class that works for you and click ‘Sign Up.’ If the class is full, join the waitlist! See ‘Waitlist’ for more information. If there is no ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Waitlist’ button, that means both the class AND waitlist are full. Do not fear the waitlist! Plans change and spots do open up. Keep checking back! Walk-ins are welcome! If a spot is open it’s all yours. Clients are asked to check in 5 minutes prior to the start of class. At that time, we will release open spots to waitlist clients then walk-ins.
  • Cancel Your Class
    You are able to cancel up to 4 hours prior to the class start time with no penalty. Class cancellations via email or voicemail to either studio cannot be guaranteed. Please log into your account via to cancel your spot in class. If you do not early cancel (prior to 4 hours) and/or do not show, you will lose a class credit and be charged $10. For clients with unlimited monthly or yearly packages, you will be charged a $15 fee if you do not early cancel or show for class. If you need to cancel within the 4 hour window, please do so, so we can let someone else have your spot. However, this does not exempt you from any late cancel fee.
  • The Waitlist
    First things first: Do not fear the waitlist. Consider it a sign that you picked an awesome class! Spots almost always open up! When a spot opens for class the waitlist will move a waitlist client into the class. You will receive an email or text message notification (see FAQ 'Everything Else' tab for more details) alerting you to your reserved spot! Celebrate! When you are moved from the waitlist into class you are reserved for this class. If you do not show or early cancel (4 hours prior) you will lose a class credit or be charged a late cancel fee (unlimited clients only). If you reply, ‘N’ to the text alert inside the 4-hour cancellation window this is considered a late cancel. Normal fees apply. The waitlist closes 4 hours prior to the start of class. If a spot does open inside the 4-hour window a BOHO team member may call clients on the waitlist about attending.
  • The Waitlist Overnight
    The waitlist will add clients to classes up to 4 hours before class time. This means that clients could be added to a 6 AM class in the middle of the night! If you are added to the class from the waitlist, you are considered RESERVED for class, and any late cancel/no show fees will apply. To avoid this, REMOVE yourself from the waitlist before you go to sleep for the night. Help us help you! Check back when you wake up to see if a spot has opened, then book it!
  • Cancelling Waitlist Spot
    Via MindBody Online Log into your account > Opt for ‘Schedule’ > On the far right of this screen you will be able to ‘Early or Late Cancel’ classes > Above this is ‘Waitlist’ > click to see your waitlisted classes. Cancel as appropriate.
  • Class Packages & Refund Policy
    All class sales final. No refunds. No extension on package expiration dates. Classes and packages are non-transferable. Classes, packages, or accounts cannot be shared between clients. All auto renew and yearly unlimited clients must email respective studio to cancel their package. All retail and apparel sales final. BOHO retail returns available for exchange or account credit only.
  • Auto-Renew & Unlimited Memberships
    All auto-renew packages (unlimited riding) can be cancelled any time after the initial commitment by emailing, Auto-renew packages are available to suspend during the initial commitment for up to 2 consecutive months.
  • Unpaid Classes
    Clients who are in classes marked as, ‘unpaid,’ will be charged a single drop in rate. This can be revised or applied to a class package if preferred upon arrival. *This does not pertain to clients with unlimited packages.
  • Account Balances
    BOHO may suspend account access for any balances due past 15 days. This includes: Unpaid service agreements or contracts. Any negative balance due.
  • Hydration
    We said it before, and we’ll say it again: Hydration is key to an amazing workout! We know you’ve got a water bottle somewhere, so bring it! We have fancy, schmancy, 2-tiered water fountains in all our locations, just waiting to fill it up. If life happens and you forget, we’ve got you covered, but we ask that for all future visits to BOHO, you provide your own water bottle. We can all do our part!
  • Snacks
    We don’t recommend working out on a full stomach, but you’ll probably want a little bit of fuel in your tank. A small snack an hour or two beforehand will do. On the run? We sell healthy snacks in our studios to get you through your workout.
  • Showers
    Our BOHO locations do not have showers available.
  • Childcare
    We do not provide childcare and do not allow children to sit and wait while riders are taking classes.
  • Studios
    Museum District 714 N. Sheppard St. Richmond, VA 23221 804.355.1151 Brookland Park 127 W. Brookland Park Blvd Richmond VA 23222 804.329.4000
  • Email Notifications
    The system defaults to the email notification option. Get notified for BOHO things via Email Message: Alerts include: Class sign up and cancellation confirmations. Getting moved from the waitlist into class! (Waitlist confirmation or cancellations CANNOT be made via email notification.) Any last-minute instructor changes. Sometimes life happens for Team BOHO – if a change is made within 7 days of the class you will receive a notification. Sales Receipts.
  • Updating your Notifications & Alerts
    Subscribe to email reminders & text notifications. This applies to the alerts noted above. Subscribe to our newsletter & promotions. This is to receive the latest info on all the fun happenings at BOHO throughout each month. This is also how you’ll be notified of sales and special promotions! You can opt in or out of this at any time.
  • Text Message Notifications
    Get notified for all things BOHO via Text Message, including: Class sign up and cancellation confirmations. Waitlist updates! You are able to confirm or cancel your spot right from this text message. If the cancellation is inside the 4-hour late cancel window you will lose a class credit or charged a $10/late cancel fee. Any last-minute instructor changes. Sometimes life happens for Team BOHO – if a change is made within 7 days of the class you will receive a notification. Sales receipts.
  • Nutrition Coaching
    BOHO's health coaches are here to help you reach your goals. At BOHO we realize that workouts are only half the wellness equation. Being healthy starts on the inside, with the food you use for fuel. Send us an e-mail at for more details.


Arrival: October 12th any time after 5:30pm

Evening workout | 5:30pm

Welcome reception | 6:00pm-9:00pm

Pre-workout light breakfast/coffee | 6:00am

Morning Mobility | 7:00am

Brunch | 8:30am-9:30am

Offsite excursion (non-fitness!) 

Free time! We have plenty built in.

Dinner | 7:00pm

Sample Fitness Schedule

Strength Class

Day Hike – Long and short options

Yoga – morning and evening

HIIT Class – morning and evening

Core + Balance 

Nutrition Workshop

Strength Workshop


*Full class schedule will be live September 25th for reserving spots.

 *Add on services open for bookings August 31st. 


Attend as many classes/hikes/workshops as you prefer. Our fitness schedule offers plenty of downtime, options for add on services, naps, mountain air, or massages. 


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AnnMarie Grohs

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Jessie McGraw


Julia Bagley


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